Copper Skiing Day 1

Today was our first day of skiing at Copper Mountain.  It was fairly warm with temperatures in the low to mid 40s.  This provided a gorgeous day and we were warm the whole time.  That being said, warm weather tends to have a negative impact on snow, or so I’ve heard.

Dreams of powder are out the window and are replaced with tempered realism.  Colorado in general hasn’t seen a ton of snow his season and all the resorts are taking a hit because of it.  Despite this, skiing here blows skiing in Minnesota out of the water.  When locals here tell me hat its not that good because there are “icy” sections, I smile and nod, thinking to myself that if they really want to whine about icy skiing, go ski Afton, Trollhaugen, or Wild Mountain (sorry guys) and get back to me.


Two Planker

The best part of the day was skiing on long runs.  Since this was our first day and we wanted to get acclimated to the mountain, I didn’t push it too hard, that’s Saturdays goal.  Instead, I went down quite a few blues and a lot of greens with Liz.  Highlight runs for me were Bouncer and Andy’s Recluse.  Andy’s was so long, fast, and challenging.  I loved it.  Another bright spot fore was the top of the Rendezvous lift.  The view for the top there was fantastic and is the type of thing that makes a trip out west for me worth it.


From the Top of Rendezvous Lift

Although there were quite a few runs closed and the snow wasn’t great, I don’t think I could’ve asked for more out of the day….oh except for forgetting my ski pants at home like an idiot and having to buy new ones.  I’d change that.


Not Everything is Open

We’re taking tomorrow off to rest and bum around.  Saturday is supposed to bring more snow and more crowds.  I gladly welcome the former.