Copper Mountain Bound

My wife and I love downhill skiing.  Although we dabbled in it very briefly in our youth, we never really got into it until a year or so before we were married.  For that reason, our sking experiences have been limited to Minnesota (and a little bit in Michigan for me).

We’ve always wanted to go out west and ski in the shadows of mountaintops and have dreamed of ski engulfing powder but it has never worked out.  We’re not ski bums, neither of us were raised in skiing families, our close friends aren’t avid skiers,  and getting work off during this time of year is always challenging for me.  The closest we’ve ever come was when we took a long weekend and went to Lutsen for an anniversary.  I know, I know, Lutsen is certainly not the west, bit it’s the best our lovely state has to offer.

Now that we have an 18 month old at home our goal of taking the plunge and making that trip seems to be more and more difficult (and more expensive).

For exactly that reason we decided to go for it.  Next week we’ll be skiing at Copper Mountain for a few days.  To many, this isn’t a big deal since they travel to or live near a major ski resort with actual mountains and ski on ideal conditions all the time. But humor me and think back to that first time you made a trip to a place with skiing the way its supposed to be done.  That’s the kind of excitement we’re boarding our Delta flight to Denver with.

I’ll post from Copper Mountain and give a full report of the trip. Hopefully it will encourage any mountain skiing newbies such as ourselves to pack up and get out.

Stay tuned…