MTB Trail Review: Elm Creek Park

Since I’m more of a novice biker, the skills necessary to ride over some terrain with technical and challenging obstacles eludes me.  I still try, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not altogether successful with those attempts.  So I ventured to the northern burbs and checked out the new singletrack at Elm Creek Park in Champlin.

The trail was designed and created with the help of MORC and is well maintained.  There isn’t a ton of climbing on this track, but to me, that’s most of the charm.  What Elm Creek doesn’t have in obstacles and technicality, it makes up for in speed.  And of course, going fast is a blast.  It was a ton of fun to push my bike and get going as fast as I could.  A lot of other trails have too many twists and turns just for the sake of having twists and turns.  It was refreshing to have long trails where I could anticipate far enough ahead and be able to build a little speed to hit a jump.

There are a few obstacles, but I stress the word “few”.  Most of the “obstacles” are trees with a narrow gap in between them.  The man-made obstacles are far and few between and they present little challenge, but are fun nonetheless.

If you’re near Elm Creek Park Reserve, I highly recommend this fast, clean single track.