Copper Mountain Adventure Recap

It’s been a few weeks since my wife and I went skiing at Copper Mountain but every passing day with minimal snow here in the Twin Cities makes me yearn for the mountains.  There, even without a ton of snow you could still have a blast, as we did with our three-day stay at the mountain.  For never having skied outside of the midwest before, I think we handled our own quite well.

The first day we skied it was a bluebird day and warm.  Some people I heard complaining about it but since it’s rare that you can enjoy an outdoor winter sport while it’s warm here in Minnesota, we loved it.  The snow itself wasn’t the greatest but it didn’t bother us.  Bad skiing conditions in Colorado is better than great skiing conditions here in Minnesota.  The second day we skied was fun because it was pretty much a blizzard the whole day.  The change in skiing on some ice and abruptly hitting fresh powder was noticeable, but not bad.

Here are some of the highlights and lowlights:


  • Runs that take you longer than 30 seconds to get down.
  • Great mountain and great facilities.
  • Copper has terrific staff.
  • Blues are fun.  I had a misconception before going out there that since I can dominate blues in Minnesota, blue runs in CO might be too easy.  Turns out I’m an idiot.
  • Black Diamonds weren’t really that much harder, just a lot longer.  Which means strength and stamina is important.
  • Lifts are super fast.
  • The scenery is so beautiful.
  • Once when at the top of the Superbee lift, I was above a big snow cloud.  So, when I get off the lift it’s bright and sunny (though windy) and I look down the Ptarmigan run and see this ominous dark cloud before me.  I’ve got no choice but to ski into the abyss, and into the abyss I skied.
  • The scenic view at the top of Rendezvous with my wife.
  • Taking the Sierra lift up and not really knowing how to get to Timber Ridge.  Helps if the signs are actually up.
  • All you can eat sushi in the village.
  • Crepes in Breck.
  • The gondola in Breck wasn’t fantastical, but it was free and fun.
  • Breckenridge Brewery


  • Rocky Mountain Resort Management.  We rented a decent condo from this group (via and while the accommodations itself were nice, the customer service was terrible.  It’s too long of a story to retell, but if you value being able to get into the property you rented right away without having to drive around for 4 hours and having someone from RMRM tell you you’re doing something wrong and to “sneak in” to the place, don’t rent through Rocky Mountain Resort Management.
  • Because of the lack of snowfall, the whole backside was pretty much closed.  Not much anybody can do about that I guess.
  • Downtown Breckenridge is fun for a couple of hours, not for 5.
  • When you go to a ski resort, it’s helpful if you remember to pack your ski pants so you don’t have to buy some there.
  • Everyone that has ever been to a western skiing resort told me it would be expensive when I got there.  I thought they were embellishing.  They weren’t.

Overall, we loved Copper and would go back every year if we could.

Awesome adventure.