Sailing Lake Minnetonka

My wife and I do not live the life aquatic.  Although this is the land of 10,000 lakes we do not own a boat, nor do we have access to a boat (other than our canoe, which seldom sees the water, which I’m trying to change).  We’ve had a peculiar desire to try our hand at sailing, which is difficult if you don’t own a sailboat and have no discernible sailing acumen.  Lucky for us, I found a deal via Amazon Local for Sail Away Sailing School on Lake Minnetonka.

It was a simple two-hour excursion on a boat that was captained by Joan (that’s Captain Joan to you!) Gilmore, who was terrific and knowledgeable about explaining sailing to beginners such as ourselves.  We learned basic ideas about sailing, parts of the boat, how the geometry of a boat plays with the wind and waves, etc.  There was another couple on the boat with us who were also going through a training period although they were more advanced and had their sights set on sailing in the Caribbean on a catamaran.

If you’re ever in the market for a good afternoon trying something new outdoors, I highly recommend checking out a sailing lesson led by Sail Away Sailing School.  It’s very accessible, affordable, and is a great intro level to sailing.  Although sailing is not an “extreme” sport (at least not how we were doing it), it is both very relaxing without being boring in ideal weather conditions, because there’s always something to monitor and keep track of.  It’s a good blend of doing something active while not being too strenuous.  There are plenty of other activities for that.

What’s the future of our sailing careers?  Who knows.  For now, my wife and I would be happy just to go around Lake Minnetonka by ourselves someday, but sailing to all points of the earth does sound like it’d be a great adventure….to me anyway.


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