Back In The (new) Saddle

This probably doesn’t necessitate a long post, but, the last time I went out riding at Theo Wirth I took a (dumb) spill and my saddle popped right off the rails.  Don’t ask.

I was foolish enough to think I could reattach it.  A couple of weekends ago I went out to ride Murphy-Hanrehan and made a quick pit stop into  Tonka Cycle & Ski to get their expert opinion, because theirs is an opinion I trust.  Not only did they tell me it was near impossible to get it back on, but they sold me on upgrading to a new saddle.  I walked out of there with the WTB Laser V.  My tuchus has never been happier.  It has more cushion than the Silverado Pro I was riding but it’s lighter.  Titanium vs. Ni-Cro tends to do that.  Not only was it lighter and more cushioned, I felt I could transition off and on more smoothly.

Solid recommendation for Tonka Cycle.  If you’ve never been there, I encourage you to go.  Their good local people with good advice.

 Out with the old

In with the new


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