New Zealand Adventure

About 5 months ago our family took a trip to New Zealand’s south island to visit family and have an adventure.  I’ve been meaning to write about it for the last 5 months and clearly never did.  I can’t possibly go back and recount everything we did, so here’s a summary.

Things that were awesome

  • Flying across two hemispheres for 21 hours in a plane with my wife and two boys ages 3 and under.
  • Hiking everywhere.
  • Renting an RV (scuse me, Campervan) for 8 days and driving around the south island.
  • Constantly feeling like you’re in Lord of the Rings.
  • Milford Sound boat cruise.
  • Local hospitality.
  • Seeing dolphins swim underneath the boat you’re on during a Milford Sound boat cruise.
  • Fergberger
  • Convincing your wife to bungee jump off a bridge.
  • Hiking everywhere.
  • Sheep.  Everywhere.
  • Seeing the simple pleasure your son gets out of throwing rocks in streams.
  • Feeling the weight of a 1-year-old on your back as you ascend steep terrain.
  • Patience and support of a brother and sister.
  • Never having stayed in a hostel in a foreign country in my life, then staying in a hostel in a foreign country with my wife and kids.
  • Jumping into the Pacific Ocean then the Tasman Sea within days of each other.
  • Eating a disgusting minnow and egg sandwich.
  • Finding local beers that tasted good.
  • Glaciers.
  • Alpine parrots.
  • Wine country.
  • The art community of Christchurch.
  • The long drive leading up to Mt. Cook.
  • The joy of knowing that years from now I can relive the event with my sons.

Things that weren’t awesome

  • Nothing.




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