MTB Trail Review: Chequamegon, Hayward Cluster

Long overdue post.

I spent some time in Turtle Lake, WI this summer for work. Turtle Lake is very, very small and outside of the casino that’s there, there’s not a lot to do in the way of entertainment. So, I decided to bring my mountain bike and see what northern Wisconsin trails I could rustle up.  After leading a workshop one day, I quickly changed and drove over to Hayward, WI check out the Chequamegon trail system. This is a huge network of trails in Northern Wisconsin that has some of the best singletrack trails in the entire state.  Chequamegon is built on and around the storied Birkebeiner ski trails and so there are a number of areas that cross a ski trail.  Now, by the time I actually got there, it was near 6:00 and I had precious little time remaining seeing as how I needed to drive all the way back to Turtle Lake. With that in mind I chose the Hayward cluster of trails since they were the closest.

The Chequamegon trail system has miles and miles worth of quality trails. I probably only scratched the surface on about 10% of trails offered, but still really enjoyed my time. Starting from Mosquito Brook Trail Head, I did portions of the Kakwa trail, Sugarbush trail, and Birkie trail and Plantation trail.  Overall, the trails are well maintained and followed the descriptions in the trail guidepretty much to the letter.  Most of the trails I were on (except for the Birkie trail) were “rolling singletrack, moderately technical”.  Nothing too bad, still a great time.

Single track meets Birkie trails

After getting back to my car I had to find something to eat and settled on finding something local in Hayward.  Luckily for me, I stumbled upon the Angry Minnow  Brew Pub.  The bartender there talked me into getting the Jalapeno Slaw Burger, which – aside from riding trails – was the second best decision I made all day.  The River Pig American Ale and Tre Svend’s Imperial IPA are fantastic as well.  I really wish I had more time to explore the area and try different clusters (and go back to the Angry Minnow).  Guess I have an incentive to go back!

Angry Minnow in Hayward. So Good.

Tracked with my phone, not completely accurate.


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